This is what I do.

Hi, I'm Gitte, I'm a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, helping our customers with all tech stuff related to Azure. I do design sessions, build proof of concepts and help them in architectural decisions. It's a fun job, where I get to be on top of things.

In a previous role, I used to be a dev grrrrl, team lead and architect. Customer focus has always been one of my priorities, but also keeping a realistic view on technology.

This blog was started a couple of years ago. A previous version of it can be found at [proq.blogspot.net][proq]. blogwise it's been very quiet around here for a couple of years, but I'm hoping to pick up where I left off.

And on a personal note, I'm the mom of a tremendously cute daughter. One who knows what she wants (that actually applies to both of us). We live, together with the best dad in the world, close to Brussels. I like shopping, some cultural stuff, and entertaining/being entertained by my little one.

[proq]: http://proq.blogspot.net